We are devoted to the love of riding.

Our expertise is in starting a new rider and getting a scared rider to feel comfortable.

Here, you not only learn how to ride, but we also teach animal husbandry (how to take care of the whole horse).  During lessons, we start with the basics of riding but add to that centered riding and games on horseback that makes riding very interactive for both the rider and the horse. These games also allow for the rider to become more balanced and to eventually do things like picking up objects and moving them from one spot to the other while on the horse’s back. We also do things like target practice with squirt guns.  We have small mini’s for our little riders to our bigger more advanced horses and levels to me you all the way between.

Lessons are given on a private to semi-private basis.  If you feel like you are up to the challenge contact us today.

Ready to take some lessons?

Please take time to print and fill out the lesson release. By doing so, we can concentrate more on the fun ways to help you settle in and less on the paperwork at your visit.